Gold Bullion Price Oz $ 1686 US / $ AUD 9k $ 18.09 14k $ 28.14 18k $ 36.18 22k $ 44.22 24k $ 47.39 | Prices Updated: Wednesday, 11 July 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has worked in creating a new way to connect the public straight to the refiner. By cutting the middle man, we are paying you significantly more than any gold buying kiosk, pawn shops, gold parties or other gold buyers. Note, you could take your valued items to any pawn shop, gold buying Kiosk or any other gold buying dealer and find out the amount they are prepare to give you. Then compare the price per gram to our price advertised in our website.

By law you must be over the age of 16 to sell your gold. We need from you:
– Your driver licence with your current address.
– Or if you do not have a drivers licence you can bring one copy of any of the following:
passport or key card along with proof of your address which can be for example a copy of a utility bill, bank statement or a government letter.

If you are not in Melbourne you can fly in or visit

First, using the best technology available we test your items for
their gold content.
Second, we weight each item individually.
Third, we calculate the value of your item(s) using the New York’s
Gold Spot Price.
Gold content + Weight + Gold market price = Value of your item(s)

We prefer to pay in cash, however we offer three ways you can choose from:
CASH Settlement paid on the spot
Bank deposit* We can transfer the money in to your account no amount too big or small.
Cheque A non-negotiable cheque or cash cheque can be made out to you.

We can beat any quoted price!
One of our main priorities is to make our customers happy (good word of mouth advertising). If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we are more than happy for you to reverse the transaction.

You can sell any type of gold jewellery new, broken, or old. Gold coins, gold nuggets, gold and silver BARS (bullion) and diamonds.

Non-precious metals, plastic, pearls, gold plated items, copper or wax filled items and semi-precious stones. Sell Your Gold will NOT buy stolen items.

Almost all jewellery has a stamp mark and you can identify the type of
metal by these stamps:
9 Carat gold (37.5% pure) – Usually has “375” stamped or 9ct, 9K, 9kt
14 Carat gold (58.5% pure) – Usually has “585” stamped or 14ct, 14k, 14kt
18 Carat gold (75% pure) – Usually has “750” stamped or 18ct, 18k, 18kt
22 Carat gold (91.6% pure) – Usually has 22ct, 22k, 22kt or “916” stamped
24 Carat gold (99.9% pure) – Usually has “999” stamped or 24ct, 24k, 24k
Platinum – Usually has 950PT or Plat
Sterling Silver – usually has 925,
Other Silvers – 800
GF or GP or RG or SF means gold plated- We do NOT buy gold plated items.
9ct/Stg Sil, 9k/925 means 9 carat gold sleeve with silver inside
(there are some that are copper

We do pay wholesale price for all diamonds received and will gladly
accept them. However, if the diamonds are very small or bad quality we may not
accept them as they sometimes break when we try to take them out of the settings.
we do not pay for any other type of gem stones. You are welcome to
remove any stones before sending your items. Or we can remove them for you if
they are in a simple setting so you can keep them for the next time you need to make some jewellery.

Retail stores mark up jewellery between 3 to 10 times their gold
value, we pay only for the
gold content of your jewellery. However a high amount of our customers
that sold jewellery that was 10 or more years old received more than
what they paid for it.

Valuations are done for insurance purposes, a valuer will appraise
your jewellery based on “retail replacement value.” In other words,
what will it cost to replace your jewellery if it is lost or stolen?
The equation the use is: Gold content + Labor + Retail mar up.
Therefore, valuations should not be used to determine its gold value,
only its retail value.

9 ct$18.09per gram
14 ct$28.14per gram
18 ct$36.18per gram
22 ct$44.22per gram
24 ct$47.39per gram
Gold Bullion Bars:Click Here
Silver Bullion Bars:Click Here
Prices Updated: Wednesday, 11 July 2018
Prices are subject to change.

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